Our crown jewel—The Ballroom—accommodates 531 seats without a dance floor, 430-450 seats with a dance floor, and includes access to the Terrace. This luxurious room was tailor-made for the ultimate in opulent ambiance.

The walls feature a creamy vanilla wallpaper with glittering champagne accents. The main features of the room are by far the collection of chandeliers, glittering with diamond-cut, clear crystal and a beautiful chrome finish. Beneath the chandeliers are earth-toned, luxury wood floors with cork underlayment, giving the room a natural and timeless look that’s both elegant and comfortable to dance on.


Dance Floor Configuration

No matter what layout you want, our ballroom is easily configured to accommodate the floor plan you choose. And our cork-bottomed wood flooring is comfortable enough to dance on so that you don’t need to rent a dance floor.